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trade service

1.    Agents for many products of famous chemical enterprise, providing competitive price and multiple varieties sales service.

2.    agent for the import and export service

Inquiry service

1.    Collect market information and provide related information and guidance.

2.    Market classification, application promotion, industry research, provide professional inquiry and the latest


3.    A perfect sales channels and e-commerce for customers to create the ideal sales platform.

value-added services to customers.

1.    Long-term stable source to ensure customer's normal production, guarantee the raw material supply continuity.

2.    Provide all kinds of raw material, guaranteed that the unity of the materials.

3.    Innovative technology service and leading information development to ensure the competitive for products.

production technology service

1.    Accumulate the massive experience for related production technology through years for professional production.

2.    Explore in the business process technology field to obtain the rich resource of production and technology.

3.    Accumulated the professional chemical producting experience for many years.