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(1) raw material control

The company QC (QC) is responsible for the inspection and control measuresof the used raw materials 、the outsourcing processing semi-finished products and sample approval, so as to ensure the incoming quality requirements and ensure the quality of products, including: incoming inspection unit is responsible for working up thematerial inspection norms and sampling plan. QC is responsible for all the raw material inspection, and labeling quality status. The companyformulates the incoming inspection control procedures ",  to ensure the raw material control standard the consistency and standardization.

(2) process control

To ensure production process compliance withtheproduction conditions, and tomake the whole reaction process in controlled, the company in every production processmust control the quality,the companyformulates the production process inspection procedures ", ensure the production control consistency.

(3) thefinished product control

For further control product quality, except in raw material inspection and production process control, for each batch of the finished, the testisrequired. QC is responsible for formulating products inspection norms, "inspect the sampling plan" and other relevant documents, find nonconforming product and request, deal with relevant production department to improve the proposed measures and verification, ensure all products comply with factory standards.

(4) testing control

Ourcompany has been with nanjing university, nanjing chemical reagent factory and many companies toset up the long-term partnership, as my company product long-term fixed-point professional quality inspection, to ensure the production to base products strictly comply with the quality requirements. The SGS has to be our import & export products the designated agency.